About Dr. Rick

Thank you for dropping in for a visit… please feel very welcome!

Here's my Mission - my purpose for doing what I do: to restore and maintain the health of as many people as possible in my lifetime - especially kids. Whoa… hold on a second! Let's take a step back. How was I, the undergraduate from Northwest Missouri State University, going to make this possible?! Well, I decided to turn my hands into amazing instruments of healing and graduate from Logan College of Chiropractic. I have now been a Chiropractor for almost 10 years. My practice is a family-based Wellness center with a particular emphasis on children and moms and their health issues. I have completed my specialty in pediatrics. (CACCP) I am constantly studying, reading and attending seminars so I fully understand what our bodies, and my patients need.

I have an amazing son, Blake. Blake is 10 years old, and is in 4th grade this year. My hobbies are studying the body, the mind/body connection, and self improvement. I also enjoy mountain biking, cycling, and cars… especially the exotic ones! You know the ones… the ones that are red and noisy.

I strive to learn and be the best. I want all my patients to rave about the quality of care I provide for them… and it's not about back and/or neck pain. No. It is about Wellness. Chiropractic is a purpose that comes from the heart, but it takes two hearts, yours and mine. We work together as a team. Lets begin by getting you a better, healthier quality of life while having fun in our office! Visiting a doctor doesn't need to be a stuffy experience!

Thank you for learning about me… now I look forward to learning about you!

Contact Dr. Rick - dr.rick@thompsonchiropediatrics.com